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Name:Lucas Kouki Purachina
Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Lucas Purachina was born to a loving family in the small town of Twinleaf in the Sinnoh region. His father, Takeshiro, was a doctor, his mother Johanna a former Pokemon Contest star and judge who grew sick of the spotlight and wanted normalcy. They met in Twinleaf, where Lucas' father had settled after immigrating from Johto (specifically Ecrutreak) for a chance at opening his own practice and doing good in one of the more remote regions of the quickly urbanizing Sinnoh. Johanna was happy to settle down somewhere she could be known for herself and not her fading fame, and helped out around the small community wherever she could. After marrying Takeshiro a few years later, they had their first and only child, Lucas.

Lucas is not your standardized hero. He's quiet. He's serious. He's determined. He rarely laughs or smiles. There's no special quality about him or his parentage that denotes he should have been able to save the world like he did from Team Galactic. His only real virtue is determination - he will never give up, no matter how insane things are. When he left Twinleaf he just wanted to train Pokemon and do something to help people; he never sought out becoming the only thing that kept Sinnoh intact. But as it is, he's an eleven year old who's explored his whole region on foot, scaled a snowy mountain, fought the god of time to a standstill, and became the Champion of the Pokemon League.

Not bad for a nobody from some backwards town in the south of Sinnoh, all things considered.


RP account for Lucas of Pokemon D/P/Pl, who is eleven years old by the end of the game if time passes in anything remotely resembling a sane manner. Mun is twenty-one years old. No profit is being made from this.
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